Important Retreat Details

Where and when will this year's retreat take place?

This year, our event will be held in Jackson, Mississippi on October 30th and 31st, 2020. The exact venue will be provided to registered attendees only, as it is a private location.

Who are the speakers? Will I recognize any of them?

We will continue to confirm and release the names of retreat speakers throughout the year. We urge attendees not to come for a specific speaker, rather, attend the retreat to achieve the personal and business outcomes that you know will change your life. Remember, every successful person isn't famous and every famous person isn't truly successful. (wink)

How much does the retreat cost?

Right now, prospective attendees can register for the retreat for only $147. VIP Registration registration is only $397. Understand that the value of attending is well over $5,000. Because we vet everyone who attends and only accept leaders with the highest potential to succeeed, think of the registration fee as a small deposit to gain access to our room of influential professionals.

Why do I have to apply to attend?

Because our "Wake Your Successful Self-Up" members and Believe Big Again network is filled with like-minded leaders, we want to ensure that each "new" attendee fits within our values and is ready to be in a room with other successful leaders.

Explain the approval process.

Once you request an invitation to the event, you will receive an email from the events team with a link to schedule your one-on-one with our founder, Mr. Felix Anderson. He'll get to know you during a 15-minute "Leadership Strategy Call" and work with our Attendee Engagement Team to determine if it'd make sense for you to attend this year. A final email will be sent to you with your approval letter and a link to secure your registration. Note: You will have 48 hours to complete our registration once your acceptance letter is received. No exceptions will be made as our interest list remains full at all times.

I have another question. Who can I contact?

Send any additional inquiries to

We Both Know Why You're Here

You've been believing small, going around in circles, very busy, but not productive. You're gifted, but not as financially fruitful as you can be. You're supporting other people's dreams, but you're unable to launch and grow your own. You've been procrastinating on taking that BIG LEAP that will require you to believe big. And somehow you ended up here, reading about this year's conference. We both know that it's time for you to believe big again. Take the next step and get the help you need and deserve.  We'll see you there!

At #BBA2020 You Will:

  • Come in thinking small, and leave believing big!

  • Come in with your talents, and leave with a STRATEGY to become PROFITABLE while using your talents in a purposeful way.

  • Come in as a person who always serves others, and leave with a network of believers who can support and serve you.

  • Come in struggling with (self-induced) delayed success, and leave with a new level of activated faith.