We Both Know Why You're Here

You've been believing small, going around in circles, very busy, but not productive. You're gifted, but not as financially fruitful as you can be. You're supporting other people's dreams, but you're unable to launch and grow your own. You've been procrastinating on taking that BIG LEAP that will require you to believe big. And somehow you ended up here, reading about this year's conference. We both know that it's time for you to believe big again. Take the next step and get the help you need and deserve.  We'll see you there!

At #BBA2020 You Will:

  • Come in thinking small, and leave believing big!

  • Come in with your talents, and leave with a STRATEGY to become PROFITABLE while using your talents in a purposeful way.

  • Come in as a person who always serves others, and leave with a network of believers who can support and serve you.

  • Come in struggling with (self-induced) delayed success, and leave with a new level of activated faith.

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