Allow Mr. Felix to sit down with you and help you to transform your life or your organization. We provide coaching, counseling, training, and mentoring. Mr. Felix will work alongside you to help you identify your purpose, to assess your spiritual and natural gifts and to help you develop a plan to execute the very purpose you were created to perform.

Each of us have our own personal definition of what "Success" is and what it is not. We know it is when we see it and sometimes we are drawn to believe that we know what it isn't. At the end of the day, our definitions of what it is only matters to the person that we look at each day in the mirror. 

These One on One "Success Strategy Sessions" are designed to help you identify measurable success in your own terms and to create effective and efficient methods to implement daily so that you too can WAKE YOUR SUCCESSFUL SELF UP!!!

Have you ever wanted to write the book but couldn't find the right person to assist? Have you ever needed wisdom concerning your personal brand and no one was there to give you the wisdom needed to maintain and sustain what you had already established? WYSSU Mentoring is designed to help relieve the stress of trying to figure it out on your own so that you can focus on what's matters most and that's giving birth to the vision you have within. 

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