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No matter where you are with your writing, whether you’ve published or just beginning, I will help you take your writing to places you’ve never seen before. I will show you the process I use to hear and see deeper to generate words that speak to the core of those that are assigned to your voice.
We will begin class in 14 days (Saturday, April 25th) if you are genuinely committed to becoming an author. I am going to take you step by step in my personal process that has enabled me to pen 8 published books and 6 unpublished soon to be published ones. I will teach you about the power of tone, the importance of timing and the power of investing into yourself and the benefits of all three.

You will spend 14 days of scribing and you will have a finished product that will convert the ideas in your head into money in your hands. Until then ... SEE, HEAR and SCRIBE...

Mr. Felix Anderson

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