Prioritize Your Priorities

This year has already been an amazing year simply because I'm made the first step to doing what I am about to encourage each of you to do and that is PRIORITIZE YOUR PRIORITIES. 

I have made the comment to share more in this space with those of you who have committed to partnering with WYSSU through both business and ministry because we are called to do both. Today as I was scheduled to have meetings and others things on my to do list, my little man took ill and I was forced to cancel everything I had on my agenda. This one of the Pros of being an entrepreneur! I get to be where I need to be for those that matter the most to me and that's what matter most to me which is why I chose to drop everything and run WYSSU full time. As he sleeps, I pause to take this moment that just as I am taking care of him so that can get better, when you PRIORITIZE YOUR PRIORITIES, you position yourself to allow GOD to take care of you so that everything in your life can get better!!! 

I must admit that I didn't have a song in my heart about readjusting my schedule initially, but as you can see in the photo above, my little one sang the ABC SONG in about 3 different versions for about 30 minutes straight and would sing unless I sang with him. Y'all Pray for Me!!!  

I share this story with you to encourage those of you reading this to make what matters most MATTER THE MOST! Deal with the areas of your life that are no so well so that you can get better. Deal with the attitudes you may have about success that are holding you back so that you can get better. PRIORITIZE YOUR PRIORITIES! Before you right the vision, goals or whatever, make sure that the PRIORITIES of life are in proper balance.  

Before I get back to work, I want to encourage you again to PRIORITIZE YOUR PRIORITIES because if everything is important then NOTHING is... Great Day Beautiful People.

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Blessings and Favor over your day!

Love y'all,


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