Excellence In The Quiet Place

Excellence In The Quiet Place

Finding balance in life is important. Understanding when to push yourself and knowing when to pull back is part of that importance and the foundation of the aforementioned balance. While many are seeking to be seen, I am learning that it is vital that we learn to keep silent and retreat to the shadows. It is in the silence that we are able to hear clearer. It is in the silent that we are able to filter the thoughts, things and people that are good for us and those that are not. It is in the shadows that we are able to identify who will come looking for us when we are busy looking out for others. 

When people perform on big stages, it because they are know for excellence. They've honed their skills for years, and on one day or one night, they focus on giving an excellence performance to those who have gathered. The fact that they are giving their best in front of thousands isn't particularly commendable. Actually, it should be expected because people paid to see them perform. What's commendable is striving for excellence in secret. 

Are you able to remain discipline in washing the dishes at home just as well as you would be performing before thousands? Are you able to remain discipline in taking time to answering one or two questions from someone who may not be able to afford you or your services because you can identify that they may be at a hard place. 

When Jesus described how His followers are to give and to pray and to fast, He advised them to practice it all with a low profile. We are to perform for the eyes of the Father, "who sees what is done in secret" (Matthew 6:18).

And so I want to ask you a couple of questions. 

1. What ways do you strive for excellence that is public in nature?

2. How will you fast, pray, or serve in a way that goes entirely unnoticed by people?

Do we want to be recognized for your good works? Absolutely and you should. My prayer for you today is that God will give you a heart to live in such a way that you do your good works in secret knowing that God will reward you publicly.

Study the image above and tell me what you see. As for me, I see an inner energy of discipline that is developed in secret ready to break barriers and shatter the status quo by wanting to be seen. Whether the barriers are around it or not, the light will shine anyway. Like the light and what you do in secret, it eventually will be rewarded openly. Find your quiet place of excellence and serve people well there. You will be rewarded. STAY ENCOURAGED!



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