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Even the Encourager Needs Encouragement

Leaders from around the world can work with Mr. Felix Anderson through his "Wake Your Successful Self Up" monthly Leadership Advisory Group. Each month, members get access to live advising sessions, Q&A's, and a member-curated book club where thought leaders from around the country lend their wisdom on business, personal development, and leadership topics.

**BONUS- The Book Club**

Successful people invest time in reading. Period. The only difference, is that in our book club, we're not having "school", we're having scholarship. Sharpen your understanding of how to accelerate your success by accessing the knowledge of billionaires. We're reading two books each month, no exceptions. Level up your knowledge today!

Spiritual Leadership

Increase your ability to discern the seasons, live on purpose and activate your faith. Learn the difference between "good" ideas and God ideas.

Personal Leadership

Understand the necessity of divine disconnections, and learn how to level your language up to increase your success.

Business Leadership

Learn how to dominate your distractions and get more done in your business.  Increase your earning potential.

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