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There is much to be said and admired about the people that come into your lives that help us grow and develop and become all we are purposed to become. These individuals have the power to alter our destiny for the better through suggestions, mentoring, knowledge, wisdom shared and with their presence alone. These are what many refer to as divine connections. We long for these as we know how meaningful they can be for us an to our purpose. The purpose of this book is not to speak at length about the relationships in our lives that work. Its core purpose is to expose the many reasons relationships that don't work and the habits and the personalities we should avoid. What you are connected to and who you are connected to matters. How long you stay connected matters as well. We must identify what to release, who to release and why it is imperative that we release them when the season demands that we release them. This does not make us right and them wrong. This does not make them right and us wrong. It helps us to identify what is not right for our lives and who is not right for our lives RIGHT NOW so that we don't make or continue to make the wrong decisions. Remaining connected to people with no power can be detrimental. Remaining connected to anything not serving the proper purpose in our life can be dangerous. Remaining in covenant with someone whose assignment in your life was only suppose to be on a contractual basis is DEADLY! This is what I refer to as DIVINE DISCONNECTIONS! This book will help you identify when and how to disconnect the right way.. WAKE YOUR SUCCESSFUL SELF UP!

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